"Journey toward Honor & Healing"

"Journey toward Honor & Healing" DVD Resource Kit

On October 9, 2010, a "Public Acknowledgment and Commemoration of the Native American Legacy" occurred at the First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, PA. During the service, representatives of Mennonite, Presbyterian and Quaker communities confessed sins of violence and neglect toward Native Americans beginning in the 1700's. Representatives of several American Indian tribes responded with forgiveness and requests for a long term journey of healing. In the afternoon, a Native American Longhouse site was dedicated with a ceremony. This event was uplifting, heartfelt, and insightful for all those that attended.

Today, the Native American presence is honored in Lancaster County, PA, ongoing activities are organized to heal past and present injustices against Native Americans, and a Native American Longhouse is being built at the Hans Herr House & Museum in Willow Street, PA.