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Statement of Need

The health of our planet and all species is in a critical state of emergency. Humanity has created an imbalance by too much taking without the equal amount of giving back. Most people are alarmed by the issues facing us, but do not believe that they can make a difference, are captivated by a sensationalized and subjective media, overwhelmed by the complexities of a solution, or do not know what to do or where to get involved. Presently, there isn't a venue in most communities for people to gather to work together on indigenous and environmental issues.

Aboriginal peoples have an ancient understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and the interdependence all species have on each other. They recognize that the Earth is an entity instead of a commodity and thus treat the Earth as a sacred living being, a paradigm that needs to be integrated into mainstream awareness and ethics. There is a critical need for an indigenous hub/environmental educational multi media library/ museum and art center in every community to create a cycle of awareness, actions, harmony and solutions to improve the health of our planet and all species. There is a vital need for the Circle Legacy Center in every community.

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