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The solution must include a movement toward unanimity among humankind and reverence for the Earth and all species. To do this we need a place to work collectively to combat our tribulations together. The Circle Legacy Center will be this place. Balance can be restored by offering indigenous spiritual and cultural teachings and also by providing an environmental/educational hub for communities and organizations to assemble, network, organize, take action, and be educated. There is motivation, interaction and strength in numbers. At present, there are very few places in our country that have environmental action/indigenous cultural/spiritual educational centers. The Circle Legacy Center will fill this void.

The Circle Legacy Center blends indigenous spiritual and educational teachings with an environmental educational multi media library and museum. One portion of The Circle Legacy Center will be operated by indigenous spiritual and community leaders. They will conduct spiritual and cultural teachings, education, lectures, symposiums, workshops, art instruction and recreational programs. A special focus will be given to youth to make them an intricate component of this center. The Circle Legacy Center will be established for communities to study, experience and practice indigenous ethos, and provide a hub for environmental organizations. The multi media library and a global indigenous museum will provide educational tools for the community. Information will be provided that will give the description of our environmental challenges along with programs and events to construct solutions. There will be meetings, speakers, authors, artists, discussions, workshops, symposiums, gatherings, and educational/recreational activities. Also, there will be projects, campaigns, programs and actions planned and initiated. The Time Dollar System and volunteering opportunities will be organized and established. A special focus will be given to youth outreach to support them in organizing their own youth movement in environmental and indigenous issues. A global youth cultural exchange program will be planned and initiated through The Circle Legacy Center. Also, partnerships will be formed with educational institutions to create updated curriculum regarding present day situations, concerns and needs of the international indigenous community. Together we can create a healing change for the Earth and all species. Through the Circle Legacy Center there is hope.

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